TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taipei Women’s Rescue Foundation (TWRF) on Wednesday (Aug. 14) organized a demonstration outside the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association to mark the International Memorial Day for Comfort Women.

The TWRF asked supporters to join the demonstration calling on the Japanese government to address the historical injustice. The demonstration is an annual event to show solidarity with women who were abused during Japan’s colonial rule in Taiwan.

This is the second annual International Memorial Day for Comfort Women, which was officially recognized by South Korea and Taiwan in 2018. A similar protest was held last year in Taipei to recognize the 59 Taiwanese comfort women known to be still alive in 1992 according to the foundation’s research.

In Tainan, the Tainan Association for Comfort Women’s Rights held its own event attended by former President Ma Ying-jeou, reports CNA. At the same site in 2018, shortly after the organization unveiled a statue dedicated to the remembrance of the country’s Comfort Women, a Japanese man caused a controversy after he was recorded kicking the statue.

The Japanese government recognizes that the actions of Japanese officials in the past have “damaged the honor and dignity of many women.” However, in the 74 years since the defeat of Imperial Japan in World War II, Tokyo says it has sought to act “with sincerity in [Japan’s] continuing efforts to redress this issue” and has asked for an “appropriate evaluation from Taiwanese people,” according to a previous statement.