An exhibition featuring the achievements of six sports teams established by Taiwan Power Co (Taipower) opened in Taipei’s Daan District (大安) on Monday.

The Taipower Sports Team Cultural Heritage Exhibition features the theme “Inheritance and Vision,” and shares the stories of the teams that the company founded over the past 70 years.

The state-run utility’s resolve to promote sports has never wavered, Taipower chairman Yang Wei-fu (楊偉甫) said at the opening ceremony, adding that he hopes more star athletes will enhance the nation’s competitiveness in sports.

The six teams are men’s baseball, soccer and volleyball teams, and women’s badminton, basketball and volleyball teams, according to the company’s Web site.

The event organizers spent nearly one year going to retired players’ homes and collecting “combat achievements” belonging to each team, Taipower said, adding that they used large art installations to symbolize the athletes’ persistence and sportsmanship.

Visitors can use interactive displays to discover the history of each team and the competitions they participated in, Taipower said.

The exhibition also features pictures of actress Joey Wang (王祖賢) wearing a white jersey and holding a basketball, as she used to be a member of Taipower’s women’s basketball team.

A section of the exhibition features a basketball and a pair of sneakers given by Taiwanese-American NBA player Jeremy Lin (林書豪) as a present after he used Taipower’s basketball court, company vice president Roger Lee (李鴻洲) said.

“These are extremely rare,” Lee added. “Preserve them well and never let anybody steal them.”

The exhibition aims to instill the company’s sportsmanship and passion in visitors, Taipower said.

It would continue looking for new athletes with the potential to boost Taiwan’s sports development, it said.

Visitors who complete a stamp-gathering activity at the exhibition would be entitled to collect a limited-edition LED fan, the firm said.