A couple from Hungary who were chosen to take part in a program to stay overnight at the Presidential Office compound praised their first trip to Taiwan and promised to help promote the country in Europe.

“It’s amazing,” Robert Revesz, managing director for international relations at Hungary-based travel media firm Turizmus, said on Thursday after arriving in Taiwan with his wife a day earlier.

He learned of the program through a Taiwanese friend, Revesz said.

He said he has visited more than 400 cities in more than 50 countries, but this was his first visit to Taiwan.

“The project itself was very interesting for us,” Revesz said. “The idea of promoting Taiwan using the 100-year-old Presidential Office Building and the opportunity to stay here, I think it’s amazing. So we were very excited when I heard about the opportunity.”

Speaking of the suite where he stayed, Revesz said: “We loved the design, how spacious it was … and it was very exciting that we were in this diplomatic district, which is highly secure of course.”

He also praised the professionalism of the people he met.

“[I am impressed] by how everything is organized, how everything is on time, how kind people are and how informative all of the colleagues are that we met,” Revesz said. “It’s over the level I expected.”

Before their visit to Taiwan ended yesterday, Revesz said that he and his wife were planning to explore more of Taipei, including Taipei 101, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and night markets to get a taste of the nation’s most typical street foods.

If possible, he would like to visit Taiwan again next year to see more of the country, Revesz said.

In addition to having posted many photographs of Taiwan on social media, the Hungarian said that he would write some articles about his first trip to Taiwan to promote the country in Europe.

Revesz and his wife were the third group of foreign visitors to stay overnight free of charge at the Presidential Office compound since the program was launched in May.

Ten groups of foreigners have been selected to participate in the activity.