More online purchases are being made through mobile phones than ever as local Web retailers PChome Online Inc (網路家庭) and Inc (富邦媒體) reported monthly sales increases of 50 percent and 43 percent respectively for last month.

PChome Online on Tuesday reported record-high revenue of NT$3.37 billion (US$108.5 million) for last month, up 19.19 percent on an annual basis.

It attributed the growth to a marketing strategy launched last month that combined promotions for Father’s Day with Lovers’ Day and the Ghost Festival.

As more customers shop with their phones, the company has also seen an influx of new users attracted to the online retail platforms through social media, PChome Online said, adding that women constitute up to 60 percent of those who make purchases on mobile phones.

PChome Online has had a strong performance so far this year, as its revenue increased 13.6 percent over the past eight months to NT$24.46 billion, thanks to partnerships with foreign brands and online retailers, such as Japan-based Rakuten Inc and US-based eBay Inc.

The company last month also launched a new shopping service that offers people the option to have their purchases delivered to Chunghwa Post Co’s (中華郵政) 1,000 iPostboxes nationwide, which allow around-the-clock retrievals.

TV and online retailer also reported strong growth, with a 25.7 percent year-on-year surge in revenue to NT$4.26 billion.

The performance mainly came from’s online shopping platform, which witnessed a revenue increase of more than 30 percent, the company said, adding that purchases made through mobile phones constituted 66 percent of overall sales.

The company equally benefited from hefty sales associated with festival promotions, while the back-to-school season and Samsung Electronics Co’s new Galaxy Note 10 also bringing a surge in sales. reported 20.66 percent growth in revenue to NT$31.87 billion for the past eight months, as well as double-digit revenue increases on an annual basis for six consecutive months.

The company has also partnered with foreign brands, such as South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Co and Sweden’s Electrolux AB, and three months ago launched a new delivery option through parent company Taiwan Mobile Co’s (臺灣大哥大) Myfone outlets.