Point-to-point speed measurement is to be enforced in Taipei’s Ziqiang Tunnel (自強隧道) from Sept. 1 and those found exceeding 60kph in the tunnel could be fined between NT$1,600 and NT$24,000, the Taipei City Police Department said on Tuesday.

Speed cameras have been installed at both ends of the tunnel connecting the Shilin (士林) and Zhongshan (中山) districts to detect speeders from next month, Traffic Police Corps Commander Chen Ming-chih (陳明志) said.

The speed limit inside the 900m tunnel is 60kph and people who drive faster than that would be subject to fines of between NT$1,600 and NT$24,000, depending on their speed, the department said, citing the Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act (道路交通管理處罰條例).

The regulations stipulate a fine of NT$1,600 for motorists caught driving at between 60kph and 80kph, with the fine increasing to NT$1,800 between 80kph and 100kph; NT$2,000 between 100kph and 120kph; NT$8,000 between 120kph and 140kph; NT$12,000 between 140kph and 160kph; and NT$24,000 for those exceeding 160kph.

The department decided to implement point-to-point speed measurement at the tunnel after a serious crash last year that killed two people and injured three, Chen said.

Yu Han-ning (游瀚甯), 24, sped into the tunnel in his Lamborghini and plowed into two stationary repair trucks, he said.

A road worker and Yu’s passenger were killed, while three people sustained severe injures.

The department is also installing speed cameras at Xinhai Tunnel (辛亥隧道) connecting the Daan (大安) and Wenshan (文山) districts, and the speed measurement system there is to be instituted by the end of this year, Chen said.