TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — A travel video introducing Taiwan with the contrarian title “Don’t go to Taiwan” has gained over 1.8 million views within a week since it was uploaded to YouTube by French film director on Oct. 27.

The film, created by Benjamin Martinie, who goes by the handle “Tolt,” ninth episode of a series of travel films intentionally given the admonishment “Don’t go to… ” Martinie, who specializes in travel films, says he deliberately chooses negative titles to use reverse psychology “to oppose negative misconceptions of the footage.”

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

Martinie said that when he was approached by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau to produce a film about Taiwan, he was excited because he knew nothing about the country and was sure that the “‘Made in Taiwan’ vision we have in Western countries could only be false.” After completing the project, Martinie said, “I was not disappointed! Honestly, it was a great trip.”

The director lamented that he only had a week and said he wished he had been able to extend his stay. Martinie said he especially remembered “the warmth of Taiwanese people, its very surprisingly lush nature, and its amazing gastronomy.”

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

Since going live on Oct. 27, the video has gained over 1.8 million views, 61,000 thumbs up, and 3,000 comments on YouTube. Far from a place not to go, many YouTubers gave comments below expressing reasons why people should visit or even live in Taiwan:

“I’m Vietnamese, but I must admit that the natural scenery in Taiwan is beautiful and majestic. When I have the opportunity I will visit Taiwan!”

“I’m in Taiwan for the third time. Warning: once you go, you will never stop going.”

“I am from Germany and I live in Taiwan since 2001… I can’t imagine to live somewhere else. Taiwan is by far the best place to live.”

“Don’t go to Taiwan otherwise you don’t want leave. Don’t go to China otherwise you can’t leave.”

“I highly recommend going to Taiwan, the people are wonderful, the food is delicious and the sights to experience are incredible!”

(Screenshot from YouTube video)

(Screenshot from YouTube video)