Women taking civil service examinations and being admitted to government posts outnumbered male applicants for the fifth consecutive year, statistics from the Ministry of Examinations showed.

Last year, 139,090 women applied for civil service exams, or 51.9 percent of the applicants, the ministry said on Friday.

Records showed that 25,326 women applied for advanced-level exams (55.9 percent of the applicants for that exam), 41,177 for middle-level exams (60.2 percent), 18,218 for entry-level exams (63.8 percent) and 31,136 for special local exams (61.1 percent).

They showed that 3,034 women were accepted for jobs who took the advanced-level exams (50.3 percent), 457 who took the entry-level exams (55.8 percent) and 923 who took the special local exams (52.1 percent).

Women outnumbered men in acceptance for civil service in every exam category except for the entry-level exams, after which 1,192 women were accepted for positions, or 49.2 percent of exam-takers, the ministry said.

However, acceptance rates consistently favored male exam-takers, it said, citing a difference of 4.25 percentage points between the men (10.76 percent) and women (6.51 percent) accepted for positions after middle-level exams, the greatest gender-based difference resulting from any exam last year, it said.

The entry-level exam resulted in the smallest gender-based difference of any exam, with only 0.73 percentage points between men (2.59 percent) and women (1.86 percent) accepted for jobs, it said.

Over the past five years, women have made up 56 to 68 percent of the applicants taking civil service exams for administrative positions, but data also showed that fewer women each year applied to take the exams, the ministry said.

Men have accounted for most of the applicants taking exams for technical positions, making up more than 65 percent of applicants to exams for technical jobs and 92 percent of those taking exams for entry-level technical jobs, it said.

The ministry does not tolerate gender discrimination and the exams are fair, Department of Professional and Technical Examinations Director Huang Ching-chang (黃慶章) said.